Olympic Village in Jaber Al-Ahmed City, Kuwait (Phase 2), 2013

A stadium of total area of 213,600 sq.m (21,36 ha) located in the City of Jaber Al-Ahmed, Kuwait. The major elements on the site as Football & Athletics Stadium; Sports Complex 1-Team Games; Sports; Complex 2-Individual Games; Sports Complex 3-Racket Games; Olympic Swimming Complex; Outdoor Sports Field; Arc Services-International Zone; Apartment / Residential / Admin; Mosque and Minaret; Central Feature and Restaurant; Entrance Feature; Entrance Halls; External Elevated Walkways; Covered Areas; Authorities Service Building.
Service: MEP Design (Basic Design) including Electrical -HV, LV and ELV system, IT-Audio Visual system, Mechanical - HVAC system, Plumbing system, Fire Protection system, Vertical Transportation system.